WG-LSS2-4″ Wedge to attach various Transducer Shields to 90 degree hole shot plate 12″ jack plate and above

ITEM # WG-LSS2-4″ wedge is built in black polyethylene marine grade plastic.  The wedge has been designed to put the transducer at the correct angle when the boat is in the water.  Use this wedge to install your Lowrance® LSS2 Structure Scan, Lowrance® Total Scan or Lowrance® Structure Scan 3D, transducer on 90° Jack Plates that have a hole shot plate under the jack plate.  This Wedge is NOT recommended on 10″ and below jack plates.  Reason:  there isn’t enough flat surface on the hole shot plate for such a large wedge and long transducer.  Choose to go on the side of the Jack Plate using an L Bracket and Transducer Shield.  This wedge will be phased out of our inventory soon.

A transducer cannot be attached to a Wedge without a Transducer Shield.  When purchasing this item, please remember to choose the appropriate Transducer Shield® to fit your transducer.

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Proudly Designed and Built in the USA

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Wedge used to attach a Lowrance® LSS2, Total Scan or 3D Structure Scan Transducer Shield® to a 90 degree hole shot plate under a 12″ Jack Plate.  It is not recommended on 10″ and below jack plates.

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