Aluminum Skeg to fit Garmin Force Trolling Motor


AL-Skeg-Garmin  1/4″ Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, CNC Machined, Welded and Black Powder Coated.
“Aluminum vs Plastic” – Which one would you choose?
*  Retrofit the plastic skeg with our Aluminum Skeg.
*  Our Aluminum Skeg will also fit the optional Garmin Nose Cone with no built in sonar.
*  Read more features and benefits  …..


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Item # AL-Skeg-Garmin is built in 1/4″ Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, CNC machined, Welded and Black Powder Coated. 
Retrofit the plastic skeg on a Garmin Force Trolling Motor with our Aluminum Skeg. No alterations needed to be made to the trolling motor to fit our Aluminum Skeg.   Easy do-it-yourself install.  
Note: Pardon our project trolling motor picture it may not look like yours.

Features and Benefits:  

*  Built in grass cutter will keep the hub free from grass or aquatic vegetation.

*  More efficient on turns 

*  Skeg is positioned closer to the prop for maximum protection 

*  Placement of our aluminum skeg creates a larger area to fit a variety of Transducer Shields and other Xducers to the trolling motor housing  

*  Will fit the optional Garmin Nose Cone with no built in sonar

*  Includes Stainless M5 machine screws 

*  Easy do-it-yourself Installation 

Proudly Designed and Built in USA

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