WG-LSS2 to fit Humminbird TM-HX-3, TM-H8.3 or Garmin TG-HG-8.5 Transducer Shield on Set Back or Hole Shot Plate (10-12″ jack plates only)


Wedge used when attaching a Humminbird®  TM-HX-3 or TM-H8.3 Transducer Shield on a boat Set-Back OR on a Hole Shot Plate under a jack plate.  This Wedge CANNOT be used on a 90 ° degree Jack Plate.  It is very important that you complete the questionnaire when ordering this item.

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ITEM # WG-LSS2 wedge is built in black marine polyethylene plastic and 10″ long x 1.5″ wide.  The wedge has been designed to put the transducer at the correct angle when the boat is in the water.  A transducer CANNOT be attached directly to the Wedge.  This wedge will fit the following Transducer Shields:

TS-DSS3-TS to fit Lowrance®   *Total Scan  *2-in-1  * 3-in-1  *Structure Scan 3D

TS-LSS2-L to fit Lowrance® LSS2 transducer

TM-HX-3 to fit Humminbird® MSI Transducer  * TM-H8.3 to fit Humminbird® G2N, G3N or G4N Transducer

TG-DS-8.4 * TG-DS-9 or TG-HG-8.5 Transducer Shields

WG-LSS2 Wedge and Transducer Shield® assembly can be installed on a transom set-back or under a jack plate on the hole shot plate, on 10″ and above jack plates only.

WG-LSS2 wedge is not a good candidate for jack plates that are built at a 90 degree angle with the transom.  It is also not a good candidate for jack plates less than 10″ wide.  For such jack plates we recommend installing the Transducer Shield on the side of the jack plate by adding an L Bracket to the Transducer Shield.  Choose an L Bracket to suit your Jack Plate brand and size.

When purchasing this item please remember to order the appropriate Transducer Shield for your * Lowrance  * Humminbird or * Garmin transducer . 

It is very important that you complete the questionnaire when ordering this item.  The information you provide will help us to assist you better and avoid a delay in shipping your order.

Proudly Designed and Built in the USA

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