WG-3.5 Wedge used to attach TM-HX-1 Transducer Shield to a 90 degree Hole Shot Plate


WG-2.5 Wedge to attach Transducer Shield to 90 degree hole shot plate.

Used along with a Transducer Shield on 90 Degree Jack Plate with Hole Shot Plate. This wedge is  suitable for our Humminbird® Transducer Shield # TM-HX-1


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ITEM # WG-3.5  wedge is built in black polyethylene marine grade plastic.  The wedge has been designed to put the transducer at the correct angle when the boat is in the water.  Use this wedge to install your Humminbird® Mega or Solix transducer on 90 Degree Jack Plates that have a hole shot plate under the jack plate (example:  Atlas and some other T-H Marine Jack Plates).
Note:  A transducer cannot be attached to the wedge without a Transducer Shield.and we do NOT recommend this application on a Jack Plate smaller than 10″.

Choose WG-3.5 wedge for the following Transducer Shield TM-HX-1 which fits Humminbird® Mega Transducer # XM 9 20 MSI T or Solix Transducer # XM 14 20 MSI T

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