Tool Buddy Sport Deluxe TBSDX-BL with Stainless Cup Holder (tools shown are not included)


Tood Buddy Sport Deluxe with Stainless Cup Holder   (tools shown are not included)
Item # TBSDX-BL      BLACK @ $54.95

*  Back Plate 1/4” thick x 8-8-7/8″ Wide x 8-5/8” High with two mounting holes
*  Shelf (tool holder) 8-5/8” Long x 2-1/2” Wide x 3/8 Thick and 3-5/8” Wide at cup holder
*  Cup holder opening 2-11/16 diameter
*  One ¼” hole for diamond file, Six 1/8” holes for hanging lures & Four tool openings
*  One 2-1/8 x 5/16 for measuring board, One 2-1/8 x 11/16, Two 1-15/16 x ½


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Tool Buddy for Fresh or Saltwater Boats
Product Features & Benefits  (tools shown are not included)
*  Polyethylene Marine Board UV Resistant will not crack or deteriorate in the sun
*  Available in Black and can be ordered in White
*  Can be attached to fiberglass with two # 6 x 5/8 phillips pan head screw, included in the kit.
*  Virtually indestructible BUT MUST NOT BE USED AS A STEP
*  Can be installed in many ways – on any flat surface, on pontoons, on aluminum boat gunnel rail and more
*  Two sizes and Two styles
*  The shelf is centered on the back plate, so that the tool buddy can be placed left to right or right to left
*  Back plate keeps the tools from scraping against the fiberglass surface
*  Keeps tools organized and easy to find in the boat
*  Puts an end to those rust marks on the carpet or surface on the boat
*  Stays put when riding
*  Stainless steel fasteners
*  Suction cups could be used to attach the Tool Buddy, but are not included in our kit.

Tools shown in the pictures are NOT included with the “Tool Buddy”

Designed and Custom Made in the USA