Tool Buddy Premium TBP-BL without Cup Holder (tools shown are not included)


Tool Buddy Premium without Cup Holder (tools shown are not included)   
Item # TBP-BL      BLACK @ $49.95
Item # TBP-WH     WHITE @ 54.95  (Special Order – allow 4-6 weeks)

*  Back Plate 1/4” thick x 7-1/2″ Wide x 8-5/8” High with two mounting holes
*  Shelf (tool holder) 7-1/8″ Long x 2-1/2” Depth
*  Two ¼” holes for diamond files, Eight 1/8” holes for hanging lures and Six tool openings:
*  One 2-1/8 x 5/16 for measuring board, One 2-1/8 x 11/16, Two 1-15/16 x 1/2,
*  One 1-1/4 x ¾ and One 1-1/4 x ½

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Item # TBP-BL

Tool Buddy for Fresh or Saltwater Boats
Product Features & Benefits  (tools shown are not included)
*  Polyethylene Marine Board UV Resistant will not crack or deteriorate in the sun
*  Available in Black and can be ordered in White
*  Can be attached to fiberglass with two # 6 x 5/8 phillips pan head screw, included in the kit.
*  Suction cups could be used to attach the Tool Buddy, but are not included in our kit.
*  Virtually indestructible BUT MUST NOT BE USED AS A STEP
*  Can be installed in many ways – on any flat surface, on pontoons, on aluminum boat gunnel rail and more
*  Two sizes and Two styles
*  The shelf is centered on the back plate, so that the tool buddy can be placed left to right or right to left
*  Back plate keeps the tools from scraping against the fiberglass surface
*  Keeps tools organized and easy to find in the boat

Tools shown in the pictures are NOT included with the “Tool Buddy”

Designed and Custom Made in the USA