LB-SM-6/8 for Slidemaster 6″ or 8″ Jack Plate


L. Adapter Bracket to fit Slide Master 6″ and 8″ manual Jack Plate. Used to attach a Transducer Shield to the side of the jack plate.

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ITEM # LB-SM-6/8 to fit Slide Master 6″ and 8″ manual jack plates.

Like our other L. Brackets, it’s built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy, Black Powder Coated and includes all Stainless Steel hardware.

To complete the installation on the side of your jack plate, please remember to order one of our TM or TS Transducer Shields:

(1)  Item # TM-Csi for Humminbird® compact side image transducer XNT 9 SI 180T

(2)  Item # TM-DI for Humminbird® down image transducer XNT 9 DI T

(3)  Item # TM-HDsi for Humminbird® side image transducer XHS HDSI 9 180 T

(4)  Item # TS-Dsi for Lowrance® down scan transducer

(5)  Item # TS-LSS-1 for Lowrance® structure scan transducer LSS1

(6)  Item # TS-LSS-3D for Lowrance® structure scan LSS1 and pod transducers

(7)  Item # TS-LSS2-L for Lowrance® structure scan transducer LSS2 (10-1/4″)

(8)  Item # TS-LSS2-3D for Lowrance® structure scan LSS2 and pod transducers

(9)  Item # TS-HDI-2 to fit Lowrance® Elite 7 transducer # 000-10976-001


NOTE PLEASE:  Go to and add an Extension to your order if you have one of the following boats

(a)  Skeeter ZX model boats, the hull turning chines interfere with the side viewing signal.  To help correct this problem it is necessary to add an extension between the L Bracket and Transducer Shield.

(b)  Bass Cat Boats – Jack Plates installed at the factory are longer than standard jack plates (attached by 6 bolts to the transom) an extension is necessary to lower the Transducer Shield.