LB-SM-6/8 for Slidemaster 6″ or 8″ Jack Plate


L. Adapter Bracket to fit Slide Master 6″ and 8″ manual Jack Plate. Used to attach a Transducer Shield to the side of the jack plate.

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Item # LB-SM-6/8 L Adaptor Bracket is built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy, Black Powder Coated and includes stainless steel hardware.  It is designed to fit a Slide Master 6” or 8” Jack Plate, typically on the Starboard side but is also available for the PORT side.

A transducer cannot be attached to any of our L Brackets without a Transducer Shield®.  Please add one of our Transducer Shields® to your shopping cart when ordering your L Bracket.  Go to Shields and pick the appropriate name brand and item to suit your transducer.


(A)  Skeeter ZX or FX model boats, the hull turning chines interfere with the side viewing signal.  To overcome this problem add an Extension between the L Bracket and Transducer Shield:

Add a 2.0” extension when your transducer is a Lowrance® LSS1, LSS2, Total Scan, 2-in-1, 3-in-1 or 3D;

Add a 1.5” extension when the Transducer Shield is one of the following: Garmin TG-GT-6, TG-DS-8.4, TG-DS-9, TG-HG-8.5 or Humminbird TM-HX-3, TM-H8.3, TM-H7.1 or Raymarine® Real Vision 3D transducer

(B)  Bass Cat Boats, if the Jack Plate was installed by Bass Cat, it is necessary to add a 1.5″ extension between the L Bracket and Transducer Shield.

Add an Extension to your order if (A) or (B) pertains to your application.  Contact us if you have questions.  We will be happy to assist you.

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