SBB-5 to attach a Transom Style Xducer to a transom/ back of a boat


SBB-5  can be used with factory mounting hardware or eliminate the factory bracket by adding an Armor Plate (sold separately) to the Spring Back Bracket.  An Armor Plate protects the transducer from front to back and side to side.
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Item # SBB-5 Spring Back Bracket® (Pat. 9,361,873). The Spring Back Bracket® is built in Stainless Steel and includes all stainless hardware.  Dimensions: Depth 1” x Height 2.5” x Width 3”.

This item is ideal for aluminum, fiberglass and polyethylene boats.  It’s versatile to attach a transducer to the boat stern (back/transom area).  Installation instructions and hardware are included in the package.  Important Note:  The instructions refer to the use of an “axle assembling tool” which we deem an essential tool.  The tool is threaded on one end to remove and re-install the axle and springs.  The axle assembling tool is highly recommended when purchasing the Spring Back Bracket.  If you choose not to purchase this optional tool, a #2 phillips screw driver can be used to push the axle through the bracket.

SBB-5 now includes two double torsion springs, the second of which was added as a standard feature to accommodate the longer and heavier transducers on the market today.  Another new feature is a stainless steel two prong fork.  The “fork” is used to keep the top and bottom brackets together when dis-assembling and assembling the axle and springs.

More Features and Benefits:
* It will safeguard the transducer from submerged objects by pivoting up and automatically returning to normal position once force is released, which in turn protects the transducer from underwater obstruction.

* It can be used with most transom style transducers including Side Image and Structure Scan.
* Safeguard and improve the life expectancy of the transducer arm / knuckle.
* The top bracket is drilled to accept a variety of transducer factory mounting hardware.
* The bottom bracket has a selection of slots and holes to fine tune the transducer position and finally lock down.

Optional Items:
* Axle Assembling Tool:  is a highly recommended very helpful driver tool with a threaded end to remove and install the axle rod in the Spring Back Bracket.  Click on choose option to order this item.

* Stainless Steel Back Plate:  now available and highly recommended for hard to reach / tight to work in areas.  It can be used if a minimum clearance of 3-1/2” on one side and 6-1/2” on the other side of the Spring Back Bracket cannot be achieved.  Click on choose option to order this item.  Using this item will make your life so much easier to have everything assembled on the workbench or holding in a vice and then simply attaching the assembly onto the boat surface.

* Armor Plate:  to protect the transducer from side to side and front to back impact.  Click on the Armor Plate tab to choose the correct one to suit your transducer.

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