Rite Hite L Bracket LB-RH-6


Rite Hite L Bracket without an Extender Plate is used when both pieces of the jack plate are at the same at the bottom of the jack plate.
Rite Hite L Bracket with an Extender Plate is used when the engine side piece of the jack plate is lower than the transom piece at the bottom.
Enlarge the jack plate pictures to determine which set up you will need.

Not sure what you need…..  call 334-514-7147 or email a good side view photo of your jack plate showing the level of the bottom of the jack plate to:   info@transducershieldandsaver.com

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Item # LB-RH-6  L Bracket is built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy, Black Powder Coated and includes stainless steel hardware.  It is designed to fit Rite Hite jack plates.  A transducer cannot be attached to an L Bracket without being paired with a Transducer Shield.  Please add the applicable Transducer Shied to fit your transducer to your shopping cart.

Typically, a “Side Image” transducer attached to an L Bracket on the side of a Jack Plate will not track the bottom when the boat is up on plane.  To track the bottom when up on plan, an “in hull” transducer is recommended.

When ordering for a Rite Hite jack plate, there are measurements that we may need to know. Reason:  Rite Hite is made up of four pieces of angle iron (2 on each side) and one tube which joins the pieces together.  If the angle iron at the back (engine side) is lower than the angle iron at the front (transom) it will be necessary to add an Extender Plate to the L Bracket.  The Extender Plate is used to fill the void between the two sides.  Please see the photos to help in understanding the complexity of this particular type of jack plate.
L Bracket Item # LB-RH-6 is $54.95
Extender Plate Item # RH-EXT-Plate is $49.00  If your jack plate requires the Extender Plate, when placing your order, please click on the option and choose YES

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you complete the questionnaire in full when ordering this item.  The information you provide will help us to assist you better and avoid a delay in shipping your order.

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