B-4-CM-MAX Base Plate with cable management


This 4″ X 1″ black polyethylene round base with built-in cable management creates a barrier between the fiberglass & metal ram mount base.

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Item # B-4-CM-Max ram mount base is 1″ thick x 4″ diameter black polyethylene marine board and includes stainless steel hardware.

It has a built in cable management groove for multi-cable exit (up to 12 x 1/4″ cables) for a neat cable installation.

This product creates a barrier between the fiberglass and the metal ram mount plate to minimize vibration and reduces gel-coat damage.

It is designed to fit the most popular Ram Mount Item # D-111U-C recommended for the larger Depth Finders (2 1/4″ ball & 3 1/2″ base).

When ordering Item # B-4-CM-Max you may consider ordering Ram Mount Item # D-111U-C.

Proudly Designed and Built in the USA

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