Electronics Wiring Harness Set


• Top Rated custom TS & S Electronics Wiring Harness set to provide maximum performance of your marine electronics
• 100% solid connection by using Hydraulic Crimped Anti-corrosive lugs onto the T S & S Buzz Bars to connect wires at the end of the dedicated line for depth finders
• Buzz Bars are black polyethylene marine board 3-7/8” long x 2” wide x ¾” thick & includes a protective cover to eliminate shorting out by other metal parts. Buzz Bars will take up to 60amps
• Battery Cutoff Switch ensures all electronics are cutoff after fishing ensuring you have battery power the next day

26’ Anchor Marine 8 gauge wire (bow to battery)
17’ Anchor Marine 8 gauge wire (console to battery)
1 x 8 gauge Jumper wire with 3/8” wire lug
2 x 3/8” battery cut off switch wire lugs
2 x 1/4” wire lugs for unit power cable
2 x 1/4″ wire lugs on Buzz Bar
2 x #10 Buzz Bars for console & bow
1 x Battery Cutoff Switch

Proudly Made in the USA
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