About Us

Scap 1st place at Wheeler 13 May 2016 Costa Tournament
Lake Wheeler Alabama – May 13th 2016 – FLW Costa Tournament – Second Day ~ Scap held on to the lead on the Co-Angler Side

Scap Cicero spent the first 22 years of his career as an electrician in regions including Italy, Zambia and Zimbabwe. He visited the United States in 1980 to fish a B.A.S.S. Federation tournament, establishing the first team from Zimbabwe to compete in an American tournament of this type. He enjoyed the experience and returned for several more tournaments – catching plenty of fish, along with motivation and passion for the ‘American Dream’. He moved his wife Shirley and two young children Giancarlo and Loredana to the U.S. to pursue entrepreneurship in 1984. Settling in Alabama, surrounded by lakes and a healthy bass fishing industry, he spent the next 22 years at the helm of his thriving family-owned boat business. An authorized dealer of bass fishing boats, he managed everything from new and used boat sales, storage, parts, servicing and accessories for all major boat and engine lines. His reputation for attention to detail and superior customer service led him to be one of the top ten boat sales and servicing centers in the Southeast.

After transitioning out of the boat business in 2004, the new company “Product Innovations, Inc” was formed so that Scap, with the help of his wife Shirley, could continue to invent and develop products to enhance and improve the avid fisherman’s experience. He first invented a transducer protector in the mid-90s and pursued the opportunity to acquire a Patent, engineer and manufacture the product for market.  In 2008 “Transducer Shield & Saver® was born.

Since the original “SSC” Transducer Shield & Saver® models, the line up of products has grown by leaps and bounds. Electronics and Transducers have changed and grown a lot over the past few years.  Finding ways to install transducers so that they work properly and protecting them at the same time is Scap’s “forte”. The most recent addition to our website is our fifth generation Spring Back Bracket # SBB-5, and many more items, too many to mention.  If your can’t find what you are looking for, please call our office and we will be happy to assist.

Scap is a true entrepreneur, with little formal education but with a brain that is constantly going ninety to nothing. He loves to figure things out and is not happy until his ideas come to life. If he is told “that can’t be done” …… he will find a way and “it will be done”. If Scap can’t do it, no-one can, says his wife!

Transducer Shield & Saver® products are available at scapplaces such as Bass Pro Shops, many Boat/Marine Dealers and Service Centers and Trolling Motor Service Centers throughout the US and Canada. A Dealer Locator has been added to the website. Please check it out and support your local dealer.

Loredana, Sandy, Jaime and Shirley are the extremely knowledgeable and helpful ladies in the office. If they receive an order through the website which doesn’t seem quite right or in need of additional components, don’t be alarmed if you receive a phone call or email before the items are shipped.  We take pride in making sure that orders are filled correctly and shipped in a very timely manner.   Products are shipped as far away as Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Loredana is also our behind the scenes Facebook and Marketing Queen.  We  wear many hats at Transducer Shield and Saver, we enjoy the work that we do because we know the products we sell are quality products that really work!  And we Love our Customers! 

Scap’s hobbies include inventing and developing products, bass fishing, playing the drums at Church and in his studio, cooking and enjoying his family of whom he is very proud.  Son Giancarlo, Daughter-in-Law Sara, Daughter Loredana, Son-in-Law Mark and his grandchildren Stella Claire, Anna Catherine, Ava Fay, Giuliana and the one and only grandson “Rocco” to keep the Cicero name going!  By the way, they are ALL his favorites.

Next time you go fishing and look at your Transducer Shield & Saver, think of all the passion that goes into them.   It’s a great story when you think about how our products come to life,  they start with a piece of aluminum, hours of research, trials and errors, developing, testing and end up a work of art.  Our legacy is more than saving transducers, it’s a bond between people and a love of sport fishing,  that’s so simple yet so complex.   What a Great Story.

America is still the land of opportunity and we are Blessed to live in a country where the sky is the limit.

Isn’t life Wonderful  …. *Thank you Lord for all the many Blessings that you give to us everyday* 

And on the 8th day, God went Fishing !