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Item # TS-HDI-2 is built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy and Black Powder Coated.  The Sleek Hydrodynamic design will reduce collection of debris, keep the transducer positioned correctly and will not interfere with the transducer signal.

This Transducer Shield® is designed to fit Lowrance® Elite HDI Skimmer transducer # 000-10976-001 (Hybrid Dual Imaging 83/200kHz -455/800kHz transducer)

This Transducer Shield® will fit the following trolling motors:

Minnkota 24v 80 lb thrust

Minnkota 36v 101 & 112 lb thrust

Motorguide 24v & 36v 82 lb thrust and up

WARNING: for Minnkota 24v 70 lb thrust and below with Propeller and Skeg on opposite ends  AND  Motorguide 12v 55lb thrust and below additional components are required.

Installation options / variations :

1.   For Trolling Motor installation, two straps will be required to secure the Transducer Shield® to your trolling motor and are not included with the shield.

Optional Item # HDTS-B heavy duty stainless steel black powder coated straps @ $5.95 each

2.   For Jack Plate installation:

Order Item # TS-HDI-2 Transducer Shield and one of the following options -

(a)  on the side of the jack plate ~ choose an L Brackets to suit your jack plate

(b)  for Hole Shot Plate (under the jack plate)~ choose a Wedge to suit your jack plate

(c)  for Set Back ~ choose a Wedge to suit your boat

3.   For Transom Installation ~ consider Item # SBB-4 Spring Back Bracket and Item # AP-HDI-2 Armor Plate for installing the transducer directly on the transom.

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