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SSC-1 to fit Lowrance Skimmer transducer SSC-1 $39.95 Fits Lowrance® & Eagle® Long and Short Arm Skimmer® Transducer for Trolling Motor installation. (This shield will not fit the Lowrance ELITE HDI transducer # 000-10976-001) Product Details
SSC-2 to fit Lowrance Pod transducer SSC-2 $39.95 Fits Lowrance® & Eagle® Pod transducer. (With slight modifications, this Transducer Shield can be used for the Garmin® Pod transducer) Product Details
SSC-3 SSC-3 $39.95 Fits Humminbird® XNT 9 20 T and XNT 14 20 T transom style transducers (single and double arm) for Trolling Motor installation Product Details
SSC-4 to fit Humminbird puck transducers SSC-4 $39.95 Fits Humminbird® Puck Transducer XP 9 20 (T) and XTM 9 20 T. This shield does not fit any of Humminbird's side image transducers. Product Details
TM-Csi TM-Csi $69.95 Fits Humminbird® Compact Side Image XNT 9 SI 180T & Quad Beam XNT 9 QB 90 T new style transducer Approx. transducer size 4" X 3" Transducer Not Included Product Details
TM-HDsi TM-HDsi $79.95 Fits Humminbird® High Definition Side Image XHS 9 HDSI 180T Transducer. Approx. transducer size 6" X 3" Transducer not included Product Details
TS-LSS-1 to fit LSS1 structure scan transducer TS-LSS-1 $149.00 Fits Lowrance® LSS1 Structure Scan 6" Transducer. Wedge and L Bracket not included. See TS-LSS2-L if you have an LSS2 (10") transducer Product Details
TS-LSS-2 to fit LSS1 structure scan transducer TS-LSS-2 $79.95 Fits Lowrance® LSS1 Structure Scan Transducer for Set Back or Hole Shot Plate Application. See TS-LSS2-L to fit the new LSS2 (10")transducer Product Details
TS-LSS-3D to fit LSS1 structure scan transducer TS-LSS-3D $185.00 Fits Lowrance® LSS1 (6") Structure Scan Transducer in conjunction with the Lowrance® Pod Transducer. The NEW Lowrance LSS2 (10-1/4") transducer does not fit this Transducer Shield. See Item # TS-LSS2-3D Product Details
Transducer Strap HDTS-B $5.95 Heavy duty stainless steel black powder coated strap. Designed for Transducer Shield & Saver Made in the USA Product Details
TM-DI TM-DI $74.95 Fits Humminbird® down image transducer XNT 9 DI T Tear Drop Shape 1.5" wide x 4.75" long NOTE: This shield will NOT fit the redesigned Transducer # XNT 9 DI T (RD) Product Details
TS-DSI TS-DSI $69.95 Fits Lowrance Down Scan Skimmer transducer # 10260-001 not for use directly on transom. Please see additional accessories. (Transducer is not included) Product Details
TS-LSS2-3D to fit LSS2 structure scan transducer TS-LSS2-3D $224.95 Transducer Shield to fit Lowrance LSS2 (10-1/4") structure scan transducer and pod transducer in tandem on trolling motors Product Details
TS-LSS2-L to fit LSS2 structure scan TS-LSS2-L $169.00 TS-LSS2-L fits the NEW Lowrance LSS2 structure scan 10-1/4" transducer for Jack Plate installation. Product Details
TS-LSS2-2L to fit LSS2 structure scan transducer TS-LSS2-2L $99.95 Fits Lowrance LSS2 structure scan 10-1/4" transducer for installation on Set Back/Step OR Hole Shot/Baffle plates Product Details
TS-HDI-2 TS-HDI-2 $89.95 Fits Lowrance® HDI (Hybrid Dual Imaging) Skimmer transducer # 000-10976-001 for trolling motor, jack plate, hole shot plate & set back installation. Product Details
TS-HDI-3 TS-HDI-3 $89.95 Fits Lowrance HDI (Hybrid Dual Imaging) skimmer transducer # 000-10977-001 50/200kHz-455/800kHz Product Details
TM-ONIX-1 TM-ONIX-1 $84.95 Transducer Shield to fit Humminbird's latest ONIX Ci Si transducer # XT 14 20 HDSI T Product Details
TM-ONIX-2 TM-ONIX-2 $89.95 COMING SOON.... Transducer Shield to fit an Onix transducer which has an "epoxy filler trough" at the back of the transducer - Humminbird Transducer # XT 14 20 HDSI T (RD) Product Details

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